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a growing list of student organizations that share our mission to create a more equitable Princeton for people of all genders





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Female Researchers in Chemistry (FRIC)

Email Mia Borden for more information.

Gender and Policy Network


The Gender and Policy Network is composed of Princeton University students, faculty and alumni whose experiences, research and careers have convinced them of the salience of gender as a critical variable in the design, evaluation and implementation of policies. Recognizing the significance of gender to public and international affairs, the Gender and Policy Network aims to promote the integration of gender into the curriculum of the Woodrow Wilson School and to promote engagement of these issues in the Princeton University community.
We do so by fostering dialogues and supplementing the curriculum at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (WWS) at Princeton University. GPN’s goals are to:
• Expand student learning about gender as a variable in public policies;
• Develop personal and professional contacts for sharing information and guidance among students, staff, faculty, and alumni; and
• Provide a forum for dialogue on contemporary issues about gender and policy.
GPN has hosted discussions and film screenings on topics such as work-life balance, sexual assault, representation of women in media, and other issues at the intersection of gender, sexism, and policy.

Email GPN Co-Chair Cleo Hircsh for more information.

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWiSE)


GWiSE is a community of graduate students who advocate for inclusion and gender equality in STEM fields at Princeton and beyond.  We connect graduate women through professional development and social events, invite speakers to campus to discuss inclusion and diversity across the sciences, and participate in outreach programs that encourage young people, particularly young women, to follow their scientific and engineering passions.
We do not discriminate persons from participation on the basis of race, national origin, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

Email Elizabeth Davison for more information

Graduate Women of Color Caucus





The Graduate Women of Color Caucus encourages graduate, post-doctoral, and faculty women of color from all disciplines to come together for professional development, academic support, and networking to address issues of interest to Black, Latina, Native American, and Asian/American women in the academy. The caucus also hosts workshops and seminars to discuss the unique challenges women of color encounter and specific ways to successfully navigate the academy.

Email Kimberly Bain for more information.

An organization that aims to celebrate, unify and educate the community of black women on the Princeton campus.

E-mail for more information.

Princeton Association of Black Women


Princeton for Women in Politics

Princeton for Women in Politics is a bipartisan student group dedicated to gender equality in politics, helping female political candidates + aspiring female student leaders. We encourage all students (of all genders) to become a part of our organization.

E-mail President Helen Zhang '19, for more information. 

Princeton Students for Gender Equality


Princeton Students for Gender Equality (PSGE) is an inclusive, intersectional forum for discussions of feminism, gender, sex, and sexuality. In addition to weekly discussions, we spearhead and sponsor projects to promote gender equality and inclusion at the University and beyond. See our recent Princeton Feminists photo campaign at We also have an active listserv where members share related articles, campus events, and ideas.
If you have writing or art about feminism and/or gender issues – from any academic discipline and in any format – PSGE will publish it! Check out Womanifesto!

Email Mabel Felix or Audrey Davis for more information.

Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice


Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice is dedicated to sex positivity, sexual and reproductive health education, and pro-choice politics.

Email for more information.

PWIB seeks to empower a vibrant community of imaginative and entrepreneurial Princeton women through business exposure and experience via business-skills workshops, panels, and off-campus company visits.  

Email for more information.

PrincetonWomen in Business 

Princeton Women in Computer Science

PWiCS serves two main purposes: first, to support and mentor women in the computer science department; and second, to do outreach programs to interest young women in computer science.  

E-mail President Aslesha Parchure '20 or  for more information.  

Princeton Women in STEM Leadership Council


The Princeton Women in STEM Leadership Council is a group of graduate student and postdoc women interested in advocacy and effecting policy changes relating to issues facing women in STEM at Princeton. Our group works closely with university administrators to create a more inclusive environment at Princeton. Recent projects include a campus-wide climate survey and report as well as speaker events centered on issues of diversity and inclusion in graduate student populations. 

Email Zoe Volenec for more information.

Princeton Women's Alliance


We work to challenge harmful gender norms that shape our lived experiences
by creating spaces for feminist discourse. We strive to promote the voices of women and gender non-conforming folks while centering our conversations and actions on the ways in which gender inequalities intersect with other forms of oppression. We believe these efforts are necessary for cultivating a more inclusive campus and world.

Email Taylor Kang for more information.


With low rates of persistence in engineering for women, we seek to provide access to the field and to change the perception of engineering for future generations through an applied design experience and vibrant community.

E-mail President Suren Jamiyanaa '19, or for more information.

Smart Women Security

SWS focuses on investment education through instructive seminars, mentoring initiatives, meetings with investors such as Warren Buffett, and provides resources for greater knowledge of the financial markets.

Email for more information.

Society of Women Engineers


Supports women engineers through events focused on mentorship, professional development, and community outreach for current and aspiring students.

E-mail President Kathy Fan '19 or for more information.


SpeakOut is a student run activist organization dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assualt and violence and helping to create a safer environment on our campus.

E-mail for more information.

Women in Design and Architecture

E-mail Kate Yeh Chiu for more information.

Women in Physics

E-mail Laura Chang or Mallika Randeria for more information.

Women in Science Colloquium

The Women in Science Colloquium (WiSC) is a Princeton student group that works to foster discussion between female faculty in science, math, and engineering and students in those disciplines. As of March 2016, we are officially an affiliate chapter of the Scientista Foundation, which is a national organization that empowers pre-professional women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through content, communities, and conferences. Overall, our mission is to provide women in STEM with resources, a network of support, and a way to connect with other women in STEM through our events, including monthly dinners and panel discussions with female faculty and study breaks. To stay in the loop with WiSC and to find the dates of our dinners and events, sign up for our listserv: wisc-announce.

Email for more information.

Women’s Political Caucus


The Princeton University Chapter of the Women's Political Caucus is a political organization that empowers women to take on leadership roles, and encourages political participation by women of all political parties who support an Equal Rights Amendment.

Email for more information.

Wym'on Stage

Wym'on Stage is a group dedicated to sparking and promoting dialogue about gender equality on Princeton's campus through an annual performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues.

Email for more information.